The benefits of hiring with Fleet Plant Hire

We are a "one stop service', removing the need to deal with multiple earthmoving contractors

Our staff are highly skilled with specialist industry knowledge to assist you with your project needs

We have an extensive range of operators and plant equipment to meet all your project needs

We have a vast network of material disposal, supply and re-use options, Victoria Wide

We are industry leaders with innovative business operations and management systems

Meet short term plant requirements requirements without the long term capital investment

We take care of the administrative duties on behalf of the Suppliers provided to your site

We ensure our Suppliers are experienced, insured and industry compliant.

Meet peak demands when they occur without having to keep an inventory of under-utilised equipment.

Our large Supplier database provides flexibility with your day to day requirements, planned or unplanned

No storage and security problems to contend with

No need to insure the equipment

No need to depreciate equipment

Hiring costs are fully tax deductible

No repair and maintenance costs

How can we help you?

If you are looking for civil plant hire in Victoria, then Fleet Plant Hire is the plant hire company to talk to.