The efficient & effective removal of 1.3 million tonnes of biosolid materials

Fleet Plant Hire (FPH) is proud to have been involved in the beneficial reuse of 1.290 million tonnes of clay-rich biosolids from the Melbourne Water Eastern Treatment Plant in Bangolme. Our client, Progress Earth, engaged FPH every year over five years to ensure efficient and effective removal of this biosolid material. The project has now been shortlisted for the 2021 Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Victoria Earth & Training Awards.

The CCF Victoria Earth & Training Awards recognise companies within the Victorian civil construction sector who have been involved in a project that demonstrates excellence and innovation in the fields of construction, project and environmental management.

For years Melbourne Water had been looking for opportunities to reuse clay-rich biosolids stockpiled at the Eastern Treatment Plant but were unable to get beyond technical and environmental limitations. This was where Progress Earth came in with the discovery that these clay-rich biosolids could be suitable for reuse as a geotechnical fill/capping material.

The project commenced in 2014 after two years of extensive planning. The project was challenging for all those involved as the reuse of clay-rich biosolids had not been attempted at this scale before. Strict compliance was required.

The project began with a commitment to remove 250,000 tonnes of clay-rich biosolids into the landfill cap but it quickly and significantly expanded in scope and scale. In 2018, FPH carted the 1,000,000th tonne of clay-rich biosolids from the site.

The efficient & effective removal of 1.3 million tonnes of biosolid materials

In 2019, 52,000 off-site truck movements and 1,290,000 tonnes later, the clay-rich biosolid removal project was completed.

With the significant volume of material to be removed from the site, it was crucial that trucks were meeting the strict weight requirements set by Melbourne Water, in compliance with the National Heavy Vehicle Register (NHVR). Progress Earth was the first company to utilise and purchase a set of portable Weigh In Motion (WIM) weighing scales from WIM Technologies. Being portable, this was an effective and productive method to conduct compliance checks on what was a short term seasonal job site.

FPH’s ability to maintain the position as supplier for Project Earth each year made the task a little easier as the systems in place did not need to be reiterated each season. 

The resulting landfill cap land area is now able to support a wide range of land use options including the potential to develop the site into a solar farm.

Congratulations to the team at Progress Earth on this magnificent achievement. FPH wishes you the best of luck at the upcoming CCF Victoria Earth & Training Awards.