2500+ Contractors and Owner Operators

Fleet Plant Hire - The "One Stop Service"

We exist to provide an extensive range of plant hire and material solutions to both large and small infrastructure construction businesses, Victoria wide

From small backyard projects to large infrastructure works we have the solution for you.

With a continually growing database of over 2,500 registered plant providers, we offer a wide range of highly skilled and industry compliant operators and plant equipment to meet your earthmoving needs

Our state of the art internal Contractor Management System allows us to match quality local plant operators and equipment to your projects, supporting local jobs and increasing skill sets among local communities.

As a result of our high level of service and industry knowledge we have established an enviable reputation for commitment to projects, quality performance, customer assurance and on-time project delivery.

Our History

In the late 1980s, the founders of Fleet Plant Hire saw a need within the earthmoving industry for a company that understood the requirements of civil construction projects and the needs of construction plant operators.
They founded Fleet Plant Hire in 1988 and made a commitment to ensuring it had the resources to deliver on its promises

Since this time Fleet Plant Hire has built and upheld a reliable, trustworthy and ethical reputation and proven itself as a major player  in the earthmoving and Civil Construction industry.

Our successful involvement in a wide range of large scale projects is a testament to our strong relationships with our Suppliers and Clients, our innovative operating systems and our extensive industry knowledge.

We are an innovative and motivated company, and see new technology and systems as an opportunity to continually exceed expectations.

We aim to provide the best service through our experience and competent workforce, we aim to do it right the first time.

Senior Management Commitments

The best companies are founded on a raft of commitments from Senior Management. It is impossible for these customer support fundamentals to be driven from the bottom up. Our Clients and Suppliers are business partners in the projects that bring them together and they are reliant on each other for a successful project conclusion. Service is paramount to the Fleet Plant Hire business model and we set ambitious service targets to ensure that we deliver the best service possible. Fleet Plant Hire Senior Management makes these commitments to its staff, suppliers and clients.


We operate a fully integrated Quality Management system that ensures that our targets are met or exceeded wherever possible. This ensures that our daily operations are “system” based and not “personality” based and makes for a safe and harmonious work environment for all employees and contractors.


We do what we say we will do. We don’t make promises we cannot keep, just to get your business. With good systems in place, we can guarantee that we strive will deliver consistent performance.

Project Delivery

Fleet Plant Hire has the experience, the resources and the means to deliver your projects on time and within budget. We strive to provide you with the most experienced and highly skilled suppliers.

Customer Assurance

Like it or not, in business, failures caused by external events such as natural disasters, or by internal events such as equipment or process breakdown, are inevitable. Regardless of the cause, these events have the potential to damage customer confidence and your brand. Fleet Plant Hire has in place management processes to prevent the escalation of these events, assuring minimal impact on client projects.

How can we help you?

If you are looking for civil plant hire in Victoria then Fleet Plant Hire is the plant hire company to talk to.